Thursday, January 30, 2014

Has it really been this long!!

Wow, its been almost a YEAR since I last posted. I'm sorry. Once you quit its hard to start back up. We are still here, and still doing well! The kids have grown SO much. Here are a few pictures as of late.




And sweet Jack Jack


Maybe one day I will get back to this but for now, this will have to do :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm still here!

Soooo, its been awhile! Just wanted to let you know that we are alive and well! Needless to say though, three kids has thrown us for a loop but we are learning to manage and I am slowly but surely getting my sanity back. I had to give up a few things and blogging was one of them. I will probably get back to blogging eventually but for now I will just stop in occasionally!
Me and my crazy kids :)

Colt - Four years old!

Sula - 18 months

Jack - three months

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome Jackson!

Jackson Steven "Jack" was born at 5:04PM 12/27/12
He weighed 8lbs, 11ozs and was 21 inches long

He is perfectly healthy!

Everything with the delivery went smoothly.

We are now back home and settling in. Its going to be an adjustment for sure, but so far Colt and Sula really seem to enjoy him. He is a good baby who only cries when hungry so far.

He has stolen our hearts and we are so in love with our new addition.

Sula - Fifteen Month Stats

There will be two posts tonight, but before I get to our new baby boy (who is perfect and healthy; sorry in the delay in posting about him!!!), I want to write down Sula's fifteen months stats. I am awful about keeping a baby book so I dont want to forget this information!

Height - 32 inches (95%)
Weight - 20 lbs, 4 ozs (25%)
Head - 10%

Still in line with all her other percentages. She's a healthy girl, but did have an ear infection and was getting molars which explained her fussiness before the appointment. So glad we had an appointment before she was hurting too bad!!

Sula is the light of our world. She is the most charming, precious angel I could ever imagine having. I love that she is our only girl and I can already tell she has her daddy completely wrapped around her finger.


And just a quick note. My laptop conveniently died right before Jack was born which is why there is a delay in posting. I probably will be quiet in the blog world for now but will try to check in occasionally!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dominic and Robie

While listening to the XM Christmas station, I heard the most random yet awesome song called "Dominic the Donkey." It has gotten to be a joke because Sula goes NUTS when she hears it. She dances and laughs and asks for more when the song ends. Look how happy this girl is:


John's parents got here this weekend and will be here through Christmas and the birth of baby boy! They had a special surprise for John and Colt that they didn't want to wait until Christmas to open.

John and Colt opened the present to discover Robie (John's robot from 1986 that he got for his 8th birthday.) His parents got it working again and John and Colt had a blast with it. Colt was a little hesitent at first but really warmed up to it. It was so funny to see John pick it right up and remember exactly how it works. I know it brought back a lot of memories for him.

Sula was fascinated by it, but the second Robie starts moving, Sula takes off. Its hysterical.

Watching from afar

Colt really getting into it

It's been a fun couple of days

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


 On Friday, Colt's school had a spaghetti dinner with Santa. We got dressed up for our big date with Santa. Colt was very enthusiastic about telling Santa what he wanted for Christmas.

Sula had no idea what she was in store for

We got to see Santa. Colt told him everything he wanted and then sat in his lap. He told him he wanted a Chuggington train, a little car and a big car and a sign that says "I love you." We have no idea where the sign came from but its so sweet.

Sula wasn't so sure

The actual professional picture.....


Monday, December 17, 2012


The women in my neighborhood threw me the nicest shower last weekend. I have said it once and will say it again, I am SO BLESSED to live in my neighborhood. I have met so many people that I have so much in common with. There are also so many children that are my children's ages. I felt a little weird having a shower for a third child but also didn't want to turn someone down who so graciously offered to host one for me. There were four babies due within a few months of each other and mine is number three. The first two mamas to be also had great showers.

One of the girls who threw the shower saw my camera and took lots of pictures which I am so thankful for. I NEVER remember to take pictures!!

Here is some of the decor. The theme was "Winter Wonderland"

Me and Abby who is having the fourth new baby in January (her third as well.) We are the last two preggers left.

With the cake (which was delicious!)

How neat is the inside!

Opening gifts.

I really debated about posting this picture but if you made it this far, here is a name sneak peak :)

Love this sign a neighbor made me.

It was a perfect shower and now our third sweet baby has a few new things of his own.
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