Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dominic and Robie

While listening to the XM Christmas station, I heard the most random yet awesome song called "Dominic the Donkey." It has gotten to be a joke because Sula goes NUTS when she hears it. She dances and laughs and asks for more when the song ends. Look how happy this girl is:


John's parents got here this weekend and will be here through Christmas and the birth of baby boy! They had a special surprise for John and Colt that they didn't want to wait until Christmas to open.

John and Colt opened the present to discover Robie (John's robot from 1986 that he got for his 8th birthday.) His parents got it working again and John and Colt had a blast with it. Colt was a little hesitent at first but really warmed up to it. It was so funny to see John pick it right up and remember exactly how it works. I know it brought back a lot of memories for him.

Sula was fascinated by it, but the second Robie starts moving, Sula takes off. Its hysterical.

Watching from afar

Colt really getting into it

It's been a fun couple of days


eHawkins said...

I remember commercials for that robot! Ha! I feel old.

I'm going to download that Christmas song because it sounds hilarious and Stella is all about music. At daycare she always gets the piano funny.

Anonymous said...

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